Thursday, December 10, 2015


It's said so often it's cliche. It is cliche, but it is none the less true. A picture, my friends, is worth a thousand words. Take this picture, for example--

What does this picture say to you? To some, who are less imaginative, it may say--body of water. To others, the foggy, almost ethereal haze may say mystery, mysticism, spirituality... Some may be imagining a beast rising from the water's depths. Some may think beauty, peace, nature... You may wonder...where is this? Who took the photo? Why did they take it? 

Whatever it says, it's talking.

Let me tell you what the picture says to me. First off, it was taken on our recent trip to Ireland. We were on a jaunty ride--a horse drawn buggy ride--through Killarney National Park. It speaks loads to me. But, all that aside, I feel warmth when I look at this picture, awe, peace, happiness...

Let's switch gears. Put on your professional helmet. When you are out to sell your books, you want your advertisements to speak to your reader, right? On Twitter, you are only given 140 precious characters to sell a potential buyer. So why not get the most out of those characters?

According to the good folks at Twitter (and who would know Twitter better?) tweets with pictures illicit 133% more engagement. And think about it--you are scrolling through your stream looking for your own tweet for some reason. What grabs your eye/attention? A block of text? Maybe. But more likely you'll slow down, or even stop, at a picture. You'll look at it a second, and then maybe you'll continue to scroll. Or maybe you'll wonder, what's all this about? I know I do. You'll stop and read the tweet to figure it out. And if the picture actually has words in it, I bet 9 times outa 10 you're gonna read that sucker.

Now, you're no longer the scroller, your the scrollee...okay, that doesn't make sense. But, hang in there with me a minute. As the advertiser, at this moment you have someone engaging with your book. Will they buy it? Maybe, maybe not...but at least they know it's out there now. And you and I both know, that's a challenge these days. Do yourself a favor--and while you're at it, do me a favor ;)--spend a few bucks on a teaser. You can use it over and over again, like a beacon light, drawing your reader in. Or heck, get yourself a couple of won't regret it.

Click on my gallery. I'm not an actual graphic artist, so my abilities are limited. But I'm a word girl, and I'm also very visual. Those attributes have made me fairly successful in creating teasers. Check out my work and see if you agree. If you like the idea and the price, contact me. I will listen to you and try to create something you love. Once I send you a first draft, you can tell me what changes you'd like to see.

Let's do business together.  

Have a great day! :)

If you are interested in my work as an author, stop on by my other site, M.J. Schiller, Romance Author!

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